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Dessert Menu

White Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding

a la Mode       [8]

Brioche, cinnamon, egg custard, crème anglaise, caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream

Salted Caramel Crunch Cake      [8]

Light, buttery vanilla-flecked cake has waves of caramel and layered with salted caramel crunch and a creamy custard layer​

Chocolate Volcano       [8]

Warm chocolate molten cake, chocolate fondue, vanilla ice cream

Flourless Chocolate Cake       [8]

Chef’s signature secret ingredients, sinfully good, gluten free

Mini Indulgences       [4]

Individual servings

  • Fresh Berries Citrus Mascarpone Cream

  • Smores

  • Bourbon Pecan Pie a la mode

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate

House Made Ice Cream       [6]

Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla or Pistachio

House Made Sorbets       [6]

Selection of seasonal sorbet

Chocolate Truffles       [5]

House made dark chocolate

Espresso & Coffee Drinks

Espresso       [3]

Smooth tasting shot of European roast

Double Espresso       [4.75]

Same European roast espresso times two

Latte      [3.75]

A perfect shot of espresso, milk and layer of foam

Cappuccino      [4.00]

Equal layering of espresso, sweet milk and foam

Mocha      [3.75]

A delicious mix of espresso, milk, coffee and chocolate


Hot Cocoa      [4.50]

A delightful rich milk chocolate beverage and marshmallows

Irish Coffee      [9]

Jameson, Bailey's, Coffee​

Keoke Cocoa      [9]

Kahlua, Amaretto, Coffee​

Add an extra shot of espresso to your Latte, Cappuccino, or Mocha for only .50

Cordials & After Dinner Drinks

Courvoisier VSOP       [12]


Calvados Coquerel VSOP      [10]

Fine Apple Brandy


Crown Royal Black      [12]

Blended Canadian Whisky


Remy Martin VSOP      [12]

Petite Champagne Cognac

Hennessy Privilege VSOP      [12]

Double barreled Cognac for a bold and smooth finish


The Macallan 12      [14.50]

Highland Single Malt Scotch

Disaronno Originale Amaretto      [9]

Delicate almond/apricot liqueur

Grand Marnier      [11]

Orange Cognac Liqueur

Drambuie      [9.50]

Honey and herb flavored golden liqueur


Tawny 10 Porto      [10]

Late Bottled Porto


Tawny 20 Porto      [15]

Old Tawny Porto


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